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EMG High-Striker

September 6th, 2011

The MuSE team was back at the Science Gallery tent in Electric Picnic this year with the new 100% hammer free High Striker. We used electromyography to extract muscular tension, and used that to light the bulbs and ring the bell of our high-striker. For now just a snapshot of one of our top contestants.. soon a blog post with more details.

EMG High Striker - ElectricPicnic2011

Thanks to everyone that participated, it was great fun.

Video from BioRhythms at EyeBeam

July 7th, 2011

Check out this video from the inaguration night for the BioRhythms Exhibition at the EyeBeam Gallery, NYC

more info here

Biggest Human Electrical Circuit Record Attempt

September 23rd, 2010

Biggest Human Electrical Circuit at Electric Picnic 2010

The MuSE research group from SARC in collaboration with the Science Gallery created the biggest human electrical circuit at the Electric Picnic 2010. The circuit was built by creating a human chain of 262 people connected to both ends of a circuit. The changes in the chain’s conductivity were captured by an arduino which modulated samples of electricity sounds.

Chain of Emotion

September 23rd, 2010

Chain of Emotion at Electric Picnic 2010

Chain of Emotion is an interactive sound installation premièred in the Science Gallery tent at Electric Picnic 2010. The installation is based on a previous installation: Ground Me! and uses the conductivity of the human body to generate different sounds.

Visitors are invited to make one or several connections between the chains around the tent in order to produce sounds. The sounds vary depending on the quality of the connection (e.g. surface of contact, number of people in the chain, level of relaxation of the participant)

Chain of Emotion was made by Javier Jaimovich, Niall Coghlan and Ben Knapp. Special thanks to the MuSE group at SARC and the Science Gallery in Dublin.

MuSE Ignite Talk at Electric Picnic 2010

September 23rd, 2010