About MuSE

Welcome to the Music Sensors & Emotion website. We are a research group based in the Sonic Art Research Centre (SARC) at Queen’s University Belfast.

The Music, Sensors and Emotion (MuSE) research group is a multidisciplinary team focused on both qualitatively and quantitatively measuring the relationship between music and emotion and using this information to inform musical composition and performance. Ongoing areasĀ  of research include:

  • Integral music control: Using both gestural and emotional interactions to control digital musical instruments.
  • The use of physiological and kinematic ambulatory monitoring to measure gesture and emotion during performance.
  • Physiological monitoring of audiences during performance
  • Contagion of emotion and physiological signals between performer and audience

This website is currently under development, but for the moment you can visit our Performances, Installations or Research Projects.

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