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HRtool MATLAB function

HRtool is a function for MATLAB to extract a HR vector from an ECG or POX signal. The function removes and replaces abnormal beats, based on user parameters (details below). Please send any comments to


 HR tool for ECG and POX
 by Javier Jaimovich (2012)
 version 3.4 (updated 21/06/2012)

 [HR, meanHR, Q] = HRtool(ECG, SR, debug, par, input)

 Returns a matrix with HR (time, bpm) and average HR
 Q is the level of confidence of the extraction ()

 ECG: Input signal (ECG or POX)
 SR: Sampling Rate
 debug: 0 for no debugging, 1 to debug (includes plot)
 par is a vector with [minHR maxHR change_ratio R]
   minHR: minimum HR limit
   maxHR: maximum HR limit
   R: Ratio between beat and std of ECG for beat threshold (only for ECG)
   change_ratio: Maximum change ratio between beats (e.g. 40% -> 0.4)

   Default values:
       debug = 0
       minHR = 50
       maxHR = 140
       change_ratio = 0.3 (30%)
       R = 3
       input = 'ECG'

   note: For POX signals HRtool will use 1st sample above threshold for
   calculations. With ECG signals, HRtool will use max absolute value of
   each waveform beat.

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