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EDAtool MATLAB function

EDAtool is a function for MATLAB to process Electrodermal signals (also known as Skin Conductance). The function removes and replaces artefacts, and separates the EDA into phasic and tonic components (more details below). Please send any comments to javier@jaimovich.cl


 EDA Signal Tool
 Javier Jaimovich (2012)
 version 1.5 (updated 21-06-2012)

 [EDA_f, EDA_x, EDA_P, EDA_T, Q] = ...
     EDAtool(EDA, SR, debug, InterOption, ResampleOption, par)

 Returns low-pass version of the signal & removes artefacts, with the
 option of interpolating between the artefact. Phasic (fast changes) and
 Tonic (slow changes) components are obtained via IIR filtering. The
 function resamples the EDA signal to 50Hz, with the option of
 resampling back to the original SR.

 EDA_f: low-pass filtered EDA
 EDA_x: EDA_f without artefacts (NaN or Interpolation)
 EDA_P: Phasic EDA or EDR (with NaN)
 EDA_T: Tonic EDA or EDL
 Q: Confidence of EDA signal ()

 EDA: EDA signal
 SR: Signal's Sample Rate
 debug: 0 for no debugging, 1 to debug (includes plot)
 ResampleOption: 0 for no resampling, 1 to resample
 InterOption: Option to interpolate between artefacts (0:off, 1:on)
 par is a vector with [RangeMin RangeMax WindowSize Threshold NaNSize]
   RangeMin: Lowest value in EDA range (e.g. open circuit)
   RangeMax: Highest value in EDA range (e.g. closed circuit)
   WindowSize: Size of artefact window in seconds.
   Threshold: Threshold for detecting artefacts within window (0-100)
   NaNSize: Size of NaN replacement vector for each artefact.

   Default values:
       debug = 0
       ResampleOption = 0
       RangeMin = 150 (for BioControl sensor with 10bit ADC)
       RangeMax = 490 (for BioControl sensor)
       WindowSize = 0.2 [s]
       Threshold = 4%
       NaNSize = 1.5 [s]

 Note: Values outside or equal to range limits will be considered

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